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Steam injectors by Kämpken
21-11-2013, 16:32
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Steam injectors by Kämpken
Our steam injectors, which heat cooling or heating circuits and product-circuits, have been used for years. These steam injectors enable heated steam to be fed directly into the to be heated media and keep the well-known sounds and cavitations reduced to a minimum.
The medium is accelerated in a venturipipe. A cone shaped counterpiece forms an annular slot between cone and the outside of the nozzle's diameter. Steam is tangentially fed into the outer jacket of the housing and is able to escape through the annular slot. In doing so, the circular steam ray/annular jet covers the to be heated medium and condenses the same.

Range of application
•Direct steam heating of liquids (water, starches, liquors and more)
•Feeding of diphyl-steam for energy supply
•Recooling of superheated steam
•Mixing of different media (liquids or gaseous)
•Strips of Suspensions & emulsions (PVC, Latex)
•Heating of pulp for paper industries up to 7% consistency
•Sludge ventilation
•Oxygen contacting
•Feeding of CO2

•Noiseless injection of steam
•Control range 0-100% of steam quantity
•Maximum heat transfer
•Minimum pressure loss
•Mounting in an optional position
•Small dimensions
•Usable in vessels or tanks
•Long product life > 10 years, mainteance free
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